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Master Art Plan by Linda McCray
Master art plan for new healthcare facility.

Art Consulting

I work closely with clients to guide them every step of the way from the beginning of their project until their art is ready to view. To create a master art plan, I begin by reviewing their art collection, guide them through letting go of art that no longer speaks to them, commission new art, frame art, design placement of art and install it.


I have studied sacred art from a traditional art history perspective which was often rooted in religion to contemporary spiritual art. Through conferences I attend and The Liturgical Artists Directory I create, I have come to know some of the finest artists expressing the sacred. Theology, research and connections are the foundation of my sacred art consulting services.

Sister Noel enjoying art by her Sister Sue
Sister Noel Bruch enjoying art
by her Sister Sue Miller.

Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth’s new nursing home  

As the art consultant for the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth’s new nursing home building project, I worked closely with the Sisters to warm their home with art that speaks to them. After listening to their story, researching their large art collection, witnessing art by Sisters, visiting the building site and studying architectural drawings---I created a master art plan for their entire new home. I guided them through selecting a few pieces of art from their permanent collection and mostly contemporary art created by many of their gifted Sisters. It truly became their art for their home. Over 100 pieces of art expressing their story and mission were thoughtfully selected. My husband helped me frame and install the art. It was joy seeing Sisters connecting with art by their Sisters. Read more on this project at Commissioned Art.

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