Come out Lazarus!

Commission | Diocese of Helena

Linen symbolizes Lazarus coming to life and being unbound from his grave cloths. He experiences the Light of Christ, depicted by luminous layers of white paint. Dark colors speak of death and burial tomb.

Artwork Info

Come out Lazarus! is one of the illuminations Bishop George Leo Thomas commissioned me to create for use in the Diocese of Helena's Book of The Elect.


Original painting sold to a private art collector.


24 x 24 x 2 in., acrylic with sand from the River Jordan & Montana on floating wood panel


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Additional Photos

Come out Lazarus! is on the back cover and throughout the one-of-a-kind Diocese of Helena Book of Elect.


The book is housed in the Cathedral of Saint Helena, Montana.











Come out Lazarus! image
Come out Lazarus! image
Come out Lazarus! image

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