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Linda McCray steps into the breach that exists between contemporary art and the faith community with her paintings. While contemporary art is noted for its decidedly secular bent and its often angst-full content, traditional religious art can be described as overly sentimental, romantic, or anachronistic. Motivated by the pursuit of spiritual meaning and enlightenment in her work, McCray uses light, color, and texture in her powerful, abstract compositions to create emotionally charged images which afford the faithful instruction, the seeker time for reflection, and the pilgrim a place of refuge.”


H. Rafael Chacón, Ph.D.

Professor of Art History and Criticism

The University of Montana

Linda McCray, American Painter
Linda McCray
Visual Artist


I translate universal spiritual truths into abstract paintings that speak to others, regardless of their traditions.

To form visible signs of invisible grace, I use abstraction which—so powerfully through light, color, and texture—speaks directly to the heart.

I layer my paintings with symbolism. To create symbolism, I use abstract elements, certain materials, and selected painting methods. For example, the abstract element and universal symbol of light underlie all of my paintings. I image my Creator as Light. To capture feelings of the warmth and peace of the Divine Presence, I use a number of techniques including the old masters’ use of glazes to capture luminosity. I integrate found objects that abound with symbolism, such as sand from the River Jordan, ashes and palms. The torn-like edges symbolize that we are a part of something much greater—our collective Creator. I create with acrylic paint on wood panel.

All cultures throughout the ages have created spiritual art—my ethereal abstraction and soulful conceptual work brings up-to-date the oldest theme in art, the spiritual. While my provocative paintings have specific meaning to me, I underlie my transcendent illuminations with cross-cultural sensibilities to ignite spiritual curiosity and unique experiences for all.



Linda McCray, MFA, is a visual artist whose studio is nestled in the solitude of the Rocky Mountains of Montana.

McCray’s boundary-transcending abstract spiritual paintings have been exhibited in the US and England; published in Belgium, Germany, Canada, and the United States; and are in public and private collections.

As an adjunct professor of art, she taught for Loyola University Chicago, The University of Mary, Helena College: The University of Montana, and Carroll College. She has lectured at art museums, universities, and conferences; and written articles for national magazines. Linda is a certified spiritual director, member of Christians in the Visual Arts and a Sister of Charity of Leavenworth Associate.

She graduated cum laude from Washington State University with a BA in Fine Arts, the University of Montana with a MFA in Painting and Drawing, and Benet Hill Monastery with a Certificate in Spiritual Direction.



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