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Linda McCray at her former artist-in-residence studio, Holter Museum of Art.

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LINDA McCRAY: Luminosity
Available Exhibit

LINDA McCRAY: Luminous Abstracts
September - December, 2024
Artist Reception: Thursday, November 7, 4-6 PM
9am to 4pm, M-F
Zoot Art Gallery
555 Zoot Enterprises Lane

Bozeman, Montana



Hello & welcome

I translate universal spiritual truths into abstract paintings that speak to others, regardless of their traditions.

To form visible signs of invisible grace, I use abstraction which—so powerfully through light, color, and texture—speaks directly to the heart.

I layer my paintings with symbolism. To create symbolism, I use abstract elements, certain materials, and selected painting methods. For example, the abstract element and universal symbol of light underlie all of my paintings. I image my Creator as Light. To capture feelings of the warmth and peace of the Divine Presence, I use a number of techniques including the old masters’ use of glazes to capture luminosity. I integrate found objects that abound with symbolism, such as sand from the River Jordan, ashes and palms. The torn-like edges symbolize that we are a part of something much greater—our collective Creator.

I sign my paintings with my initials going outside a box, because my art doesn’t fit into any art style box. I create from my heart. I don’t follow trends. I’m an independent artist.

All cultures throughout the ages have created spiritual art—my ethereal abstraction and soulful conceptual work brings up-to-date the oldest theme in art, the spiritual. While my provocative paintings have specific meaning to me, I underlie my transcendent illuminations with cross-cultural sensibilities to ignite spiritual curiosity and unique experiences for all.

I create small to large scale acrylic paintings for all kinds of spaces: homes, offices, public art, healthcare facilities, meditation rooms, churches, chapels, gathering spaces, social centers, fellowship halls and special projects. 

Linda McCray
Painter of Abstract Spiritual Art
American Visual Artist based in Montana