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Inner Light: Madonna and Child by Linda McCray

Inner Light: Madonna and Child
by Linda McCray

My goal for this painting is to transcend a traditional Madonna and Child icon to one that conveys the universal theology of God in all. I express our rich history of medieval icons by using their traditional color scheme, juxtaposition of sacred figures and highly textured gold halos. I bring this icon up-to-date with contemporary abstract elements of light, texture and shape, which abound with symbolism. The large gold semicircle and blue color symbolize Mother Mary, and the smaller gold semicircle and red Baby Jesus. These two individuals are portrayed by the holiness of their inner light, rather than facial features. They don't show two specific individuals. They represent all people. I hope my contemporary icon inspires others to see God in mother, child and everyone.

acrylic and sand from Jerusalem on floating wood panel, 18" x 24"
not for sale

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