Inner Light: Madonna & Child

This painting was inspired by a traditional Madonna and Child icon. The large gold semicircle is a symbol for Madonna, and the smaller one her Child. They are portrayed by the holiness of their inner light, rather than their unique facial features. They represent all people. I hope my contemporary icon inspires others to see Light in mother, child and everyone.

Artwork Info

Artist’s Collection. This painting is available for art exhibits.


24 x 18 x 2 in., acrylic with sand from the River Jordan & Montana on floating wood panel


Contact me to host an exhibit or request more information.

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I express our rich history of medieval icons by using their traditional color scheme, juxtaposition of sacred figures and highly textured gold halos. I bring this icon up-to-date with contemporary abstract elements of light, texture and shape, which abound with symbolism.


Inner Light: Madonna and Child was in my exhibition at the Holter Museum of Art.


Inner Light: Madonna and Child image
Inner Light: Madonna and Child image
Inner Light: Madonna and Child image

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