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Light from Light by Linda McCray
Light from Light
by Linda McCray

I believe I must let go of control, invite the Holy Spirit to show the way and respond to His gifts. The genesis for this painting was closing my eyes and praying while dropping a shredded bless palm to symbolize resurrection. I responded to the way the blessed palm graced the wood panel to further the message. Red paint near the palm symbolizes death and a ray of grace from above conveys the Holy Spirit coming to guide us along our way.

Acrylic, blessed palm and sand from Jerusalem on floating wood panel, 6' x 9.5'

SOLD: Permanent Collection of Lake Burien Presbyterian Church, Seattle, WA
Light from Light by Linda McCray

“We absolutely love LIGHT FROM LIGHT. It is the dramatic exclamation point in our fellowship hall. It masterfully integrates worship with community life so as to enhance the notion that a disciple of Christ enters worship on a Sunday morning and carries this into all of life.”

Rev. Dr. Tobin E. Wilson, Pastor
Lake Burien Presbyterian Church
Seattle, WA

Lake Burien Presbyterian Church purchased Light from Light for their fellowship hall.

Light from Light by Linda McCray

"Art is integral, not incidental to the liturgical life of the Church. The human hand and heart of the artist leads the worshiping community more deeply into the mystery of the incarnation and attests to the truth that ‘here God dwells among the people.’ Linda’s art, celebrating the Easter mystery of Rebirth, fires the imagination and creates the environment for a deeper encounter with the real presence of Christ.” 

Fr. Ed Hislop, Pastor
Blessed Trinity Catholic Community
Missoula, MT

Blessed Trinity Catholic Community rented Light from Light for an Easter season.

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