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Passion to Pentecost by Linda McCray

Passion to Pentecost
by Linda McCray
Acrylic paint and sand from the River Jordan on floating wood panel, 6' x 9.5'
$9,750 plus shipping

"All three panels contain broken edges as if to symbolize the timeless spiritual issues all humans face. McCray's abstract painting entreats the viewer to experience a moment of contemplation and a sense of awe while observing the subtle yet rich tonal gradations of the colors. Peering deep within the layers of paint, the soul is nourished, and the spirit is fed on the passionate spontaneity of McCray's ‘Passion to Pentecost.’"

Rev. Dr. Tobin E. Wilson


"In ‘Passion to Pentecost’ Linda McCray paints three central chapters in the Christian Year: the Passion, the Resurrection and Pentecost. To form visible signs of invisible grace she uses abstraction to speak directly to the heart. The painting is layered with symbolismthe five wounds of Christ with red drips of blood, the resurrection with gold drips upward and Pentecost with white brushstrokes evoking a dove and the colour red flaming from above. The triptych format of three panels is a symbol of the Trinity often seen in early altarpieces.”

Rev. Dr. Edwin Searcy
Salt of the Earth: A Christian Seasons Calendar

Passion to Pentecost by Linda McCray From Fairgounds to Chapel
I was commissioned to transformed a fairgrounds building into a temporary chapel for the Catholic Youth Convention, Diocese of Helena. In this photo, you see youth creating in a meditation rock garden at the foot of my painting Passion to Pentecost.
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Paintings by Linda McCray Praying through Art Worship Service
I offered instruction for praying with icons and their rich history; guided meditation with my contemporary icons; and an artist reflection within a Sunday morning worship service at Lake Burien Presbyterian Church in Seattle, Rev. Dr. Tobin E Wilson, Pastor.

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Painting by Linda McCray on book cover
Art for Book Cover
Arete Again: Missional Adventures in Theology and Life
by Tobin E. Wilson

Images of my paintings and drawings have been used on everything from books to worship guides. If you would like to use an image of one of my paintings, contact me for permission and user fees.

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