Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church

They purchased two paintings from my inventory with memorial donations. The True Light is pictured to the left of their cross and Arise by their pulpit.

The True Light: In this contemporary crèche, notice the guiding light from above, gold nimbus conveying divinity, a full spectrum of colors symbolizing mystery and the true Light shining from the manger below.

Arise: The journey from death into life is conveyed with red paint to symbolize death, a modern drip line upwards for ascension and a drip line downwards as a ray of grace to guide the departed along their way.

Artwork Info

Art Collection of Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church, Billings, Montana


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Additional Photos

The viewer completes my art. I was pleased when the church music director told me that The True Light reminded her of baptism.






The True Light image
Arise image
The True Light image

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