Tent of Meeting

Tent of Meeting portrays a place of gathering and connecting---physically and spiritually. The cloud is a symbol of the Spirit leading us, in all the stages of our journey. The tent of meeting alludes to our flight as communities in mission, illuminated with glory.

Through this painting, I’m following the post-minimalist movement which included Mark Rothko. This art movement is about expressing the mystical, whereas the minimalists who preceded them conveyed nothingness.

Artwork Info

$875 plus shipping, 21.5 x 15 x 2 in., acrylic with sand from the River Jordan & Montana on floating wood panel


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Additional Photos

Linda McCray: Manna, TWO Gallery in 1+1=1 Gallery, Helena, Montana.


This painting is layered with symbolism---Tent of Meeting/Tabernacle, Cloud of Spirit/Mystery and Light/Creator.


Tent of Meeting image
Tent of Meeting image
Tent of Meeting image

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