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The True Light by Linda McCray

"The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world."
John 1:9

The True Light
by Linda McCray

In this contemporary crèche, notice the guiding light from above, gold nimbus conveying divinity, a full spectrum of colors symbolizing mystery and the true light of Christ shining from the manger below.

acrylic and sand from Jerusalem on floating wood panel, 2’ x 4’

SOLD to Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church, Billings, Montana. Paid for by memorial donations. Names of donors are listed by the paintings they purchased.

Paintings by Linda McCray
"Linda is a missionary in painting cloths."
Betty Whiting, Music Director
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Billings, MT

Epiphanies through Paint: art-and-faith events with Linda at Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church in Billings, Montana. The traveling liturgical art exhibition opened with an artist talk and a custom art-and-faith retreat on Epiphany weekend. It closed with praying with art during their Ash Wednesday prayer service, in which Linda shared instructions for praying with icons; a time to pray with her contemporary icon “Dust to Dust” and her artist reflection of the painting.

Photo below by Paul Whiting Photography


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