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Women of Prayer by Linda McCray

Women of Prayer:
centered on Christ, sharing His love with all
by Linda McCray

in honor of Sister Marie Noël Bruch, SCL


Artist Statement: Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth are women of prayer who are centered on Christ and share His love with all. To symbolize their community of prayer, the large circle is an abstract view from above of four Sisters praying. The four small circles signify their heads, dynamic implied lines are their arms reaching out to each other and their hands unite in graced prayer. This circle of prayer is alive with the Spirit flowing mystically. Beginning in the center is a cross of Light formed by Sisters hands folded in a tradition prayer gesture, which symbolizes private devotion. The Light of Christ is within each Sister, symbolized by a flame within their prayerful hands. Joyful colors and gold rays of grace represent God’s love mysteriously radiating from Sisters to all.


Special gratitude to Sister Marie Noël, a woman of prayer and my spiritual companion, for sharing her love of God with me.

Women of Prayer in alcove This painting was commissioned by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth and is permanently installed in the alcove by central elevator on first floor of their nursing home Ross Hall.

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